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Vivids & Color Correction

Vivid hair coloring services for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair color. Hair color correction services are ideal for those who have experienced a hair color mishap or want to change their hair color drastically. 

Blonding Retouch

4+ hours

Every 6-8 weeks

Color correction and vivid color services are priced upon consultation to ensure proper results. For guests looking to correct a previous color services, or to shift into vivd colors should reach out via email to book a consult. Duration for this service starts at 4 hours.

Sam   $130 per hour

Fae   $120 per hour

Vivid Touch-ups

1 hour & 30 minutes

Every 6-8 weeks

For guests looking to refresh their Vivids without shifting their overall color or goals. 

Sam   $230 per hour

Fae   $180 per hour

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