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Mini hair coloring services are a quick and easy way to refresh and enhance your hair color without committing to a full-color treatment. Our salon offers a variety of mini coloring services such as gloss, spotlight blonding, and root smudging. Gloss is perfect for adding shine and enhancing your natural hair color, while spotlight blonding adds dimension and brightness to your hair. Root smudging is a great option for covering up grown-out roots without committing to a full root touch-up. Our expert stylists will work with you to choose the perfect mini coloring service that suits your hair type and desired outcome. With our mini coloring services, you can achieve a fresh, new look in no time.

Maintenance Please

2 hours & 15 minutes

Every 8-10 weeks

Ideal session for guests looking to touch up overall color (not highlights) with maximum grey coverage. Includes a gloss, bonding treatment, and a haircut.


Refresh Me

2 hours & 30 minutes

Ever10-12 weeks

Everything included in Maintenance Please but with minimal dimension. Such as lowlight in the crown or balayage pieces around the face. 


Me, but Lighter

4 hours

Every 12-14 weeks

Ideal session for guests who would like to start the journey of going lighter, the low maintenance blondes who would like to do a full highlight, or guests that have waited longer than 12 weeks to get their highlights touched up. Includes gloss, root smudge and a haircut as well as bonding treatment. 


Just Take Me There

5 hours

Every 12-14 weeks

A session perfect for guests wanting to take a different direction with their hair. Going from blonde to red, brunette to red or blondes that want to go darker/lower maintenance. Includes a gloss, root smudge, bonding treatment and haircut. 


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