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Dimensional hair coloring services are an excellent option for those looking to add depth and dimension to their hair color. Our salon offers a variety of dimensional hair coloring services such as dimensional foiling, dimensional painting, and dimensional blonding. Dimensional foiling involves weaving different shades of color into your hair using foils to create a multi-dimensional look. Dimensional painting is a freehand technique that creates a more natural and organic-looking blend of colors. Dimensional blonding adds different shades of blonde to your hair to create a multi-dimensional look. Our experienced stylists use the latest techniques and top-quality products to achieve the perfect blend of colors that complement your skin tone and facial features. With our dimensional hair coloring services, you can achieve a look that's unique and personalized to you.

Dimensional Foiling

3 hour

Every 10-12 weeks

A classic lightening technique that intentionally places brightness or depth within key focal points of the hair. Often worked in foils to create maximum brightness when needed. Dimensional foiling is more regimented in its maintenance and is often performed 2-3 times a year with smaller services in between. 

Sam   $305

Dimensional Painting

3 hours & 15 minutes

Every 14-16 weeks

For guests that truly want to embrace a low-maintenance dimension. Preformed 1-2 times a year with maintained through smaller services, dimensional painting gives a result that mimics hair that has been lightened via the sun. Gloss and bonding treatment included.

Sam   $385

Dimensional Blonding

3 hours & 30 minutes

Every 12-14 weeks

Ideal for guests who would like to go as blonde as possible in a session. Think 'Pinterest blonde'. Including multiple blonding techniques, balayage, baby-lights, and tease-lights, to achieve a modern blonding look. Including gloss and bond-building treatments. 

Sam   $420

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