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Mini Color

Mini hair coloring services are a quick and easy way to refresh and enhance your hair color without committing to a full-color treatment. Our salon offers a variety of mini coloring services such as gloss, spotlight blonding, and root smudging. Gloss is perfect for adding shine and enhancing your natural hair color, while spotlight blonding adds dimension and brightness to your hair. Root smudging is a great option for covering up grown-out roots without committing to a full root touch-up. Our expert stylists will work with you to choose the perfect mini coloring service that suits your hair type and desired outcome. With our mini coloring services, you can achieve a fresh, new look in no time.

Root Smudge

1 hour

Every 6-8 weeks

Maintains the longevity of a lightening service by blurring the area of hair where highlights begin or end while refreshing the tonality of the mid-shaft and lengths of the hair. Root smudges are a wonderful option for guests who want to maintain a more lived-in look before larger lightening services. Smudging roots is also a wonderful option for guests who want to blend their greys and maintain dimension throughout their roots and ends.

Sam   $165

Spotlight Blonding

1 hour & 30 minutes

Every 8-10 weeks

Maintain the brightness of a previous lighting service, or add brightness and dimension around the face and hairline. Spotlight blonding is an express lighting service that delivers low maintenance dimensions for the guest. Recommended for those who want to keep or create lightness around the face only. Includes gloss and bonding treatment. 

Sam   $210


1 hour

Every 8-10 weeks

Reduce frizz, add shine, blend greys, regulate tonality, and increase longevity. Glossing the hair provides a plethora of benefits. Those looking to try color without committing to its routines are perfect candidates for a glossing service.

Sam   $138

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