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Is Shebang a Bang Dry Spray Wax Worth the Hype? Sam's Review

Overall Thoughts

Shebang-a-bang is my go to for getting a cool 70's vibe. I love applying it before airdrying or rough drying to give a soft lived in 'rocker chic' style. I feel like it breaks the stereotypes of other spray waxes because it is water soluble. It will never give that feeling of waxy build up as it washes right out when water hits it.

Sam Approved! ♡♡


What is the Shebang a Bang Dry Spray Wax?

Shebang is a water soluble styling wax that can be used on wet or dry hair to help enhance texture and control frizz.


Who is this for?

Anyone looking to tame frizz without giving up texture or style in the process.


How to Use

  1. When applying to damp hair, apply Shebang after hair has been detangled.

  2. Hold Shebang about 8-10 inches from hair and apply in circular motions throughout. Apply heat to build shape or airdry to help create separation and texture.

  3. When applying dry, use your hands like little claw machines. Pinch portions of the hair and spray Shebang wax into your claw. Make sure to hold the can about 8-10 inches from the section.

  4. Shake hair loose with fingers to create volume.

Shebang Dry Spray Watermarked
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